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Let’s explore the name, one of the many female names available today, and some middle names for Selene. 

Meaning and Origin

Selene is a female name of Greek origin that means “moon goddess.”

While the name Selene has ancient roots, its Latin variation Selena, is used more often in the U.S. In Greek culture, Selene was the moon goddess, sister to the sun god also known as Helios. 

The name Selene is slowly becoming a popular name as more parents are embracing it because of its meaning as well as its fun pronunciation.

The name is pronounced se-leen.

Below, you will find a list of some cute middle names for Selene that will make your naming process easier. 

Best 125 Middle Names for Selene

  1. Selene Abigail
  2. Selene Avery
  3. Selene Aurora
  4. Selene Addison
  5. Selene Aria
  6. Selene Brianna
  7. Selene Blakely
  8. Selene Bailey
  9. Selene Brooke
  10. Selene Brynn
  11. Selene Callie
  12. Selene Catalina
  13. Selene Caroline
  14. Selene Catherine
  15. Selene Cecilia
  16. Selene Daisy
  17. Selene Danna
  18. Selene Dorothy
  19. Selene Daphne
  20. Selene Dallas
  21. Selene Eva
  22. Selene Ella
  23. Selene Evelyn
  24. Selene Emilia
  25. Selene Eliana
  26. Selene Fernanda
  27. Selene Frida
  28. Selene Fiona
  29. Selene Felicity
  30. Selene Faye
  31. Selene Gianna
  32. Selene Gabrielle
  33. Selene Giselle
  34. Selene Gemma
  35. Selene Gracie
  36. Selene Harper
  37. Selene Harlow
  38. Selene Hattie
  39. Selene Heidi
  40. Selene Holly
  41. Selene Ivy
  42. Selene Iris
  43. Selene Ivory
  44. Selene Itzel
  45. Selene Imani
  46. Selene Juliana
  47. Selene Josie
  48. Selene Joanna
  49. Selene Juliette
  50. Selene Jocelyn
  51. Selene Kassidy
  52. Selene Kehlani
  53. Selene Karina
  54. Selene Kennedy
  55. Selene Kinsley
  56. Selene Luna
  57. Selene Layla
  58. Selene Lydia
  59. Selene Lyla
  60. Selene Lucy
  61. Selene Magdalene
  62. Selene Maybel
  63. Selene Mackenzie
  64. Selene Maddison
  65. Selene Melody
  66. Selene Nora
  67. Selene Nova
  68. Selene Noelle
  69. Selene Naomi
  70. Selene Nicole
  71. Selene Olive
  72. Selene Ophelia
  73. Selene Oaklee
  74. Selene Oakleigh
  75. Selene Octavia
  76. Selene Presley
  77. Selene Parker
  78. Selene Peyton
  79. Selene Piper
  80. Selene Page
  81. Selene Quinn
  82. Selene Queen
  83. Selene Queenly
  84. Selene Quincy
  85. Selene Quinlan
  86. Selene Ruby
  87. Selene Riley
  88. Selene Remi
  89. Selene Rowan
  90. Selene Reagan 
  91. Selene Savannah
  92. Selene Sonia
  93. Selene Serenity
  94. Selene Scarlet
  95. Selene Samantha
  96. Selene Teagan
  97. Selene Tatum
  98. Selene Trinity
  99. Selene Tatiana
  100. Selene Tiffany
  101. Selene Ursula
  102. Selene Uriel
  103. Selene Umaiza
  104. Selene Ulani
  105. Selene Unity
  106. Selene Valeria
  107. Selene Vera
  108. Selene Veronica
  109. Selene Virginia
  110. Selene Vienna
  111. Selene Whitney
  112. Selene Waverly
  113. Selene Winter
  114. Selene Willow
  115. Selene Warren
  116. Selene Ximena
  117. Selene Xiomara
  118. Selene Xara
  119. Selene Xaria
  120. Selene Xyla
  121. Selene Yara
  122. Selene Yasmin
  123. Selene Yuna
  124. Selene Yusra
  125. Selene Yuliana

Nicknames for Selene

  1. Lina
  2. Cece
  3. Moon
  4. Sele
  5. Chele
  6. Sel
  7. Nene
  8. Lenny
  9. S
  10. SL

How To Pick a Middle Name

Picking a suitable name is crucial.

Here are some suggestions when it comes to choosing the right middle name:

1. What does the middle name mean?

A middle name with meaning is always more powerful than without, especially if that meaning is personal to you and your family.

For example, you could have a middle name that reminds you of your heritage or a unique tradition for you and your family. 

Pairing a baby’s middle name with a unique meaning is the perfect way to connect your new baby to a particular tradition.

2. Do the names fit together?

The most significant part of naming your child is how the name all sounds together. The first, middle, and last names should fit correctly together.

How well do the first, middle, and last names fit together? 

Try to avoid names that rhyme or are very similar, as this may become a slight inconvenience as your child matures into an adult.

Hint: Try to keep your chosen middle name short (one or two syllables) as this tends to fit better with most first names.

3. Practice saying the names out loud

A baby’s name on paper can sound dramatically different from how it sounds when you say each name aloud. You may find that it doesn’t sound the way it looks. 

4. Don’t be too quick to pick the first name you find

The perfect name sometimes takes time. Look at a variety of names before you make your decision. Remember, it can be tricky to change a name once it’s registered, so try to take as much time as possible to avoid any regrets in the future.

5. Do you need to stick to a family tradition?

Some families have distinctive practices they use to name their firstborn. Do you need to stick to a traditional custom? If not, feel free to form your own! 

Do you need to stick to a traditional custom? If not, feel free to form your own! For example, in England, in the 18th and 19th centuries: the first son was named after the father’s father

6. Take into account your baby’s full initials

You may want to avoid any initials that form popular but unintended acronyms. This can be an unintended consequence, so write down your baby’s full name and check to see that their initials don’t sound or look bizarre.

7. Celebrate your heritage (or create your tradition)

A child’s middle name is a great way to celebrate your family heritage or even begin a new one. You could be remembering a loved one that is no longer here or prefer to stake your claim in a new tradition that’s unique to you.

Middle names are notable, and as they are gender-neutral can be the perfect place to incorporate both male and female family members.

8. Don’t just stick to one middle name

Add them both if you have more than one middle name you love and can’t choose between! Multiple middle names are trendy across the globe and are the perfect way to keep both parents happy if you are spoilt for choice.

7 Reasons To Have Middle Names For Selene

Three are several benefits to having middle names.

#1. Special: an easy way to make them even more impressive.

#2. Traditional: the first to give your son or daughter a middle name.

#3. Fit: Sound more familiar between the baby’s first name and your last name.

#4. Memory: remember someone, pay tribute, or honor someone extraordinary.

#5. Aspirational: with tales of a particular middle name

#6. Noble: The middle name concept is traced back to Rome. It was a way to recognize different families.”

7. They are just plain FUN to have.

Names Similar to Selene

  1. Celine
  2. Celeste
  3. Ceres
  4. Ceerena
  5. Cerelia
  6. Calypso
  7. Artemis
  8. Diana
  9. Calliope
  10. Bianca

Famous People with the Name Selene

Selene Luna- American Actress

Selene Vigil-Wilk- American Singer and Musician

Selene Walters- American Actress

Selene Caramazza- Italian Actress

Selene Passabi- Italian Model

Selene Hart- Canadian Wrestler

Variations of Selene

  1. Celine
  2. Selina
  3. Celina
  4. Celene
  5. Celie
  6. Salena
  7. Salina
  8. Sena
  9. Celest
  10. Celine
  11. Seline
  12. Selenna

Final Thoughts on Middle Names for Selene

The name Selene is one of the best names for girls available for parents. It is an extremely cool and fun name that expresses beauty and femininity.

The focus on the name Selene ensures that parents learn about its origins and meaning to enable them to identify its suitability for their child. 

It is extremely important for parents to learn how to identify different names and their meanings so that they can link them to their children’s behaviors for a suitable name selection process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Selene mean for a girl?

The name Selene means the moon and the moon is extremely peaceful and bright. The name may be taken to mean a bright and peaceful character which is seen as a more feminine trait when associated with girls. 

What does the name Selene mean in Greek?

Selene in Greek represents the goddess of the moon, sister to Helios the Sun god. Therefore, the name focuses on a deity in Greek culture. 

Is Selene a popular name?

Selene is not as popular as its Latin variant Selena. However, its popularity has been slowly peeking. 

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