1. I wanted to take a moment and share Not The Mama, and incredible space created for the express purpose of sharing the parenting experiences of masculine of center women. I think this cross-references quite wonderfully with the work done here at Butches + Babies!

    Tucker, its creator, was featured last night on the Hip Hop is For Lovers podcast! Go listen to last night’s episode HERE or HERE.

    Make sure you share, support, and contribute to Not The Mama! Increasing visibility of gender warrior parents/friends/family is so important!



    Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag: A Graphic Memoir
    A.K. Summers
    Price: US $17.95 / CAN $19.99
    ISBN: 9781593765408



  4. Laura holding Mia.


  5. Me (michelle) and my first and only nephew (so far) Jax. I love him to bits!


  6. This is me (Renata) and my babe Sofia. Cuddle time rarely happens so I really treasure this photo.


  7. Three-year-old twins Rosalie and Braxton helping Mama fix the bathroom sink.


  8. Me and my little cousin, Hunter. ~6 months old


  9. My girl Rachael not knowing what to do with baby Gracie. :)


  10. Lauren (me) and nephew Stryder, 6 weeks old. He was small at birth, and is just barely typical newborn size here! This was at our annual family Christmas party. It was also my first time wearing masculine clothing around extended family, which was exciting!